The Good Guys, LLC

The Session Less Than 10 and More Than 8

"I'm sorry Deeps, Vyth is dead. You are my raptor now."

The members of the Elucidated Paragons began their trek from the Crypt of Phaesus Dornius toward Mount Elzikor where the Maze of Moradin awaited their looting.

Along the way they encountered a nice lady selling low-level potions and alchemical items whose name they never bothered to get. Then they got caught in a Hobgoblin ambush which was a nice break from the boredom of cross-country travel at best.

Then Vyth had a nice chat with something that could only be described as a glowing, skeletal, tauric, half-dragon, tauric halfling-bear that was wreathed in flames. It politely advised him not to open the door that says “do not open.”

Finally the hour of Ajelja’s transformation came. Her allies convinced her to submit to binding, so they tied her up, manacled her, then stone-shaped her into the side of a rock. Then she wolfed out and started chewing through the solid stone. So they beat her unconscious instead. She doesn’t really remember that, but has the sensation that there’s some reason why she should be mad at Cal, Vyth, and Deeps but can’t remember what it is.

Also, now she’s Chaotic Evil.

The elucidated paragons reached Mount Elzikor and began their ascent. Spotting signs of large preditory birds, Brutus began taking careful precautions to hide himself at night. The others did not, which resulted in a Roc eating Deeps. It was okay though, 24 hours later Vyth summoned Deeps 2.0, “Deeps Meter”

The group finally found the Maze of Moradin and while they lingered waiting for Deeps 2.0 managed to hear voices coming from inside through a short-cut over the top of the maze that was being guarded posthumously by some gargoyles. They discovered that one of the voices belonged to the Lady in the Red Dress when Vyth went to spy on the voices and miserably failed his move silently checks. It was okay though, because an agreement was struck to split the loot peacefully.

While the loot was being split, it was determined that they should tunnel into the giant hammer statue to look for the artifact that Phaesus Dornius had stolen from Moradin, and when Ajelja and Brutus found the hammer, the Lady in the Red Dress, Fiera Ulodi, along with her companions Captain Teme-Go and Crocki attacked.

Cal narrowly avoided being chopped in half by Fiera, who then subsequently died to a free action by Brutus. Vyth and Deeps 2.0 tanked Crocki and his Corgi mount with two mounted Gatling guns until the rest of the team could come help dispatch them, and then when Teme-Go made the tactical error of forgetting that raptors are good at jumping, Vyth and Deeps 2.0 took care of him.

Still suffering from various poisons, the group then found that Seifra, Kevos, and Huey had arrived on the scene, and Seifra began trying to intimidate people into giving her the hammer, apparently so that she could sell it. Huey, very conflicted by what was going on, surrendered immediately.

To be more accurate, Heuy surrendered moments after Seifra and Kaevos were neatly removed of the burdens of living. Using a scroll of Teleport most of the team was able to go instantly back to Fire Hold and report in, as well as deliver the bodies of Seifra and Kaevos, who were revealed to have been planning to betray the Good Guys, LLC. in order to join the X-Treme Mercenary Guild which is run by Aria Discos Jut, the estranged 4th member of Saints and Sorcerers.

These new facts now come to light, the Elucidated Paragons are put on Haitus, to be regrouped when the guild is ready to take direct action against the X-Treme Mercenary guild.



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