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الدورة الثامنة

How many times do we have to kill Orlando Bloom....?

After finally finding the Crypt of Phaesus Dornius the Elucidated Paragons ventured bravely into the dangerous underground complex.

They proceeded to defeat three unusually well equipped zombies, then defeat a near-by wall, which their excellent skills of measurement and calculation deduced was comprised of more than 40,000 pounds of adamantine.

Then a very large dwarf statue tried to kill them and they broke it, and then they had a very tense chat with a nice cat-man who was not evil at all and had nothing to hide.

The group then, after gaining the benefits of the cat-man’s reconnaissance of the ghost situation, confronted Phaesus Dornius’ Ghost and his four consorts with a powerful spell harnessed from a scroll. Then everyone but Vyth and Deeps dropped their weapons and ran away at top-speed. While the others made a well-calculated escape, Vyth and Deeps bravely faced down Phaesus Dornius’ Ghost with mage armor (which didn’t help) and their touches of golden ice (which helped immensely). However, the ghost wised up and sent Vyth running after Deeps fell.

In the mean time, the other party members realized that their retreat was not as well calculated as it may have seemed at the time, and turned back to come help, and after narrowly avoiding death on several counts, they finally managed to retrieve their magical weapons and quite nearly slay the ghost – who ultimately retreated on his own.

Their epic combat at a close, they proceeded to search the rest of the complex, finding various coinage scattered throughout a couple of the rooms, looting a storage closet, and defeating a room full of traps to retrieve one arrow… oh, and 1,000 platinum that was hidden under the trapped floor.

With only five days left until her transformation, the question remains, will Ajelja’s first night as a were-wolf prove fatal to her party members? Will they be able to put Dornius’ spirit to rest when they visit the shrine he built to Moradin? Will they be able to recover the artifact which Phaesus stole from Moradin – and what will they do with it if they do? Find out next time, when the Elucidated Paragons brave the Maze of Moradin!

(… also, werewolf Ajleja).



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