The Good Guys, LLC

Session? Six! The,

As if deciding it was best they were all present for the thrilling conclusion of the Peldview Problems quest, all five members of Elucidated Paragons came together to question a religious pilgrim, witness the opening of a trans-dimensional portal, and converse briefly with an extra-planar elven werewolf.

In the process Ajelja contracted lycanthropy (willingly), some Mysterious Woman contracted lycanthropy (willingly), and the group finally found the source of the undead in the Peldview graveyard – a devilish contract carved in stone. They took the stone back to guild board memeber Grazia Trelo who broke the curse on it and, on the suggestion of the paragons, put it on a lazy-susan for acolytes to spin around in their spare time.

Our heroes also learned that their next task will be to search out the final resting place of the Hoard of Phaesius Dornius then promptly decided to delay the quest in favor of shopping.



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