The Good Guys, LLC

phiên bảy

Setting out to find the final resting place of Phaesus Dornius’ fortune, the Elucidated Paragons travel the highway to Eastwatch, then south through the grasslands to the Moonlight Bog.

On the way to the bog they fall hapless victim to a pick-pocket, prudently avoid the risk of STD’s, ignore some Barghest tracks, and meet a wyrmling gold dragon. Also Deeps made a new friend!

Upon reaching the Moonlight Bog, they avoid some dangerous plant life, spend a while carefully managing their rations, and killed some halfling wererat merchants who they were pretty sure were murderers and thieves and were pretty sure had several hundred thousand gold worth of loot. They also defended themselves against a Will-O-Wisp, a small ghoul hunting party, and a crazed and deadly barbarian / ranger and his pet crocodile.

But at last, after 10 days of mucking through the swamp they finally found what the were looking for, a wooden hut that was secretly an adamantine hut that had 7 adamantine locks on it. After the lock traps turned one party member into a vegetable (figuratively speaking) they resorted to a rust-monster wand. The traps then obliterated the wand (and the mannequin holding it), so they resorted back to using a meat shield. Luckily the meat shield they chose was nimble enough to remember that standing on roofs often removes you from acidic fog spells.

Also those eligible graduated from Raptor and Elf schools. There were certificates.

Will Ajelja’s wisdom score be returned to normal before she undergoes her first lycanthropic transformation? Will Brutus get a new rust-monster wand? And What awaits the Elucidated Paragons in the depths of the Crypt of Phaesus Dornius!? Find out next time, when the search for The Hoard of Phaesus Dornius continues!



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