Fire Hold City

A huge two-walled city positioned on and around Galhorn’s Bluff, Fire Hold is rumored to have a population of over one hundred thousand, though the census office has only ever counted it as high as about 70,000.

Fire Hold is famous not only as one of the largest cities in the world, but as the home of the headquarters for several very large guilds including Marlow’s Mercenary Escort Service, The East Road Traders, and The Good Guys LLC. It is also home to several cathedrals of major faiths. Part of the reason Fire Hold has such a diverse group of major organizations amidst it is that its laws, enacted by the illustrious Council of Five, offer a very wide variety of protections and equal-opportunity regulations that make it a favorable place for guilds and traders to do business without fear of favoritism and for churches to look for converts without fear of oppression.

The city itself is divided into seven districts, three inner and four outer.

Outer Districts:

  • Monument Quarter – So named for the obelisk-like “Monument of the First War” that stands at its center, this is one of the oldest, and one of the poorest, districts in Fire Hold City.
  • Girveld’s Rest – Named after one of the city’s founders, Girveld’s Rest is a very large residential district, and though Fire Hold City does not have what most city’s would consider a slum, Girveld’s Rest is home to the poorest citizens of Fire Hold.
  • The Promenade – A beautiful, though small, district in eastern Fire Hold where century-old oak trees line a forty-foot wide cobblestone street that proceeds from the main city gates all the way up to the gates of the Council District. The area around the street itself is lined with shops and inns catering to wealthy and well-to-do visitors.
  • Cliff District – This is another residential district so named for the fact that it sprawls right up to the edge of Galhorn’s Bluff. Some of the most expensive homes in the city rest on relatively large estates on the edge of the bluff providing an excellent view of the lands to the south of the city.

Inner Districts:

  • Council District – a fairly small portion of the inner city of Fire Hold where all the major government buildings reside including the highest courts, the Census Office, the Public Affairs Office, the Office of Civil Appellate, and – of course – the Grand Chambers where the council itself holds its business.
  • Falt Brost – the largest district of inner Fire Hold, Falt Brost is the district in which most major guilds, clubs, and religious organizations in Fire Hold have their headquarters. It is in the southern section of this district, across the street from the temple of Saint Cuthbert, that the headquarters of The Good Guys, LLC lays.
  • Theater District – so-called for its abundance of public theaters, opera houses, and other public venues, this district is home is the center of entertainment in Fire Hold, and the site of the famous annual Spring Harvest Festival.
  • The Rise – this district, situated at the highest point on Galhorn’s Bluff, holds a mix between opulent estates and middle-of-the-road homes, the lot of them interspersed with many of the more luxury-focused shops and crafts-people in the city.

Fire Hold City

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