Company Facts Sheet

The Good Guys, LLC

Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Good Guys, LLC to seek out adventure and fame, bring commerce to its surroundings, and provide examples to the whole mortal realm of noble heroes organized for the good of all peoples everywhere.


The Good Guys, LLC was founded by the famous adventurer Baetos Flintwagon, also known as the wizard “Firebrand”. Baetos conceived the idea for the guild and approached his fellow founders, the honorable Julisa Erolis and Her Eminence, Bishop Grazia Trelo of the church of St. Cuthbert, both of them friends of his from their days of adventure and intrigue. With their help, and the financial backing of Gelot Bank – a Gregor & Plots Certified Establishment – The Good Guys, LLC was formed in May of 1013 under the laws of Fire Hold City.

Since its founding, The Good Guys, LLC and its members have conducted 248 Missions with a 99% success rate, bringing more than 4,000,000 Gold worth of commerce to Fire Hold and its surrounding communities, and resulting in the Defeat of no fewer than six tyrannical despots, four insane war chiefs, seventeen assassination conspiracies, and one epic-level lich.

Community Service

In the off-time, employees of The Good Guys, LLC have dedicated over 2000 hours to local organizations like The Church of St. Cuthbert, and the Guiding Star Shelter for the Infirm in the past two years alone!

Company Facts Sheet

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