• Strike Team Epsilon

    A 6-person adventuring party responsible for attempting to ambush the PC's in the night after their visit to the estate of Luca Frots. Every member of the team wore matching cloaks with an epsilon on the back.

  • The Elven Archers

    Religious petitioners to the Cult of Lycanthropy. Three were killed by the Elucidated Paragons, the last was killed for failing the Petitioner's Test by [[:xadklar-stagkin]].

  • The Prakins

    A pair of halfling wererat merchants living in Moonlight Bog. It was unclear, but seemingly implied, that much of their wares had come from murdering people passing through the bog.

  • The Hunter

    Satsi the Crocodile Medium Animal HP: 22 AC: 15 I: + 1 |Str|19|+ 4| |Dex|12|+ 1| |Con|17|+ 3| |Int|1|- 5| |Wis|12|+ 1| |Cha|2|- 4| BAB + 2 |Fortitde|+ 6| |Reflex|+ 4| |Will|+ 2| |Attack|To Hit|Damage|Critical|Special| |Bite|+ 6| …