The Good Guys, LLC

The Session Less Than 10 and More Than 8
"I'm sorry Deeps, Vyth is dead. You are my raptor now."

The members of the Elucidated Paragons began their trek from the Crypt of Phaesus Dornius toward Mount Elzikor where the Maze of Moradin awaited their looting.

Along the way they encountered a nice lady selling low-level potions and alchemical items whose name they never bothered to get. Then they got caught in a Hobgoblin ambush which was a nice break from the boredom of cross-country travel at best.

Then Vyth had a nice chat with something that could only be described as a glowing, skeletal, tauric, half-dragon, tauric halfling-bear that was wreathed in flames. It politely advised him not to open the door that says “do not open.”

Finally the hour of Ajelja’s transformation came. Her allies convinced her to submit to binding, so they tied her up, manacled her, then stone-shaped her into the side of a rock. Then she wolfed out and started chewing through the solid stone. So they beat her unconscious instead. She doesn’t really remember that, but has the sensation that there’s some reason why she should be mad at Cal, Vyth, and Deeps but can’t remember what it is.

Also, now she’s Chaotic Evil.

The elucidated paragons reached Mount Elzikor and began their ascent. Spotting signs of large preditory birds, Brutus began taking careful precautions to hide himself at night. The others did not, which resulted in a Roc eating Deeps. It was okay though, 24 hours later Vyth summoned Deeps 2.0, “Deeps Meter”

The group finally found the Maze of Moradin and while they lingered waiting for Deeps 2.0 managed to hear voices coming from inside through a short-cut over the top of the maze that was being guarded posthumously by some gargoyles. They discovered that one of the voices belonged to the Lady in the Red Dress when Vyth went to spy on the voices and miserably failed his move silently checks. It was okay though, because an agreement was struck to split the loot peacefully.

While the loot was being split, it was determined that they should tunnel into the giant hammer statue to look for the artifact that Phaesus Dornius had stolen from Moradin, and when Ajelja and Brutus found the hammer, the Lady in the Red Dress, Fiera Ulodi, along with her companions Captain Teme-Go and Crocki attacked.

Cal narrowly avoided being chopped in half by Fiera, who then subsequently died to a free action by Brutus. Vyth and Deeps 2.0 tanked Crocki and his Corgi mount with two mounted Gatling guns until the rest of the team could come help dispatch them, and then when Teme-Go made the tactical error of forgetting that raptors are good at jumping, Vyth and Deeps 2.0 took care of him.

Still suffering from various poisons, the group then found that Seifra, Kevos, and Huey had arrived on the scene, and Seifra began trying to intimidate people into giving her the hammer, apparently so that she could sell it. Huey, very conflicted by what was going on, surrendered immediately.

To be more accurate, Heuy surrendered moments after Seifra and Kaevos were neatly removed of the burdens of living. Using a scroll of Teleport most of the team was able to go instantly back to Fire Hold and report in, as well as deliver the bodies of Seifra and Kaevos, who were revealed to have been planning to betray the Good Guys, LLC. in order to join the X-Treme Mercenary Guild which is run by Aria Discos Jut, the estranged 4th member of Saints and Sorcerers.

These new facts now come to light, the Elucidated Paragons are put on Haitus, to be regrouped when the guild is ready to take direct action against the X-Treme Mercenary guild.

الدورة الثامنة
How many times do we have to kill Orlando Bloom....?

After finally finding the Crypt of Phaesus Dornius the Elucidated Paragons ventured bravely into the dangerous underground complex.

They proceeded to defeat three unusually well equipped zombies, then defeat a near-by wall, which their excellent skills of measurement and calculation deduced was comprised of more than 40,000 pounds of adamantine.

Then a very large dwarf statue tried to kill them and they broke it, and then they had a very tense chat with a nice cat-man who was not evil at all and had nothing to hide.

The group then, after gaining the benefits of the cat-man’s reconnaissance of the ghost situation, confronted Phaesus Dornius’ Ghost and his four consorts with a powerful spell harnessed from a scroll. Then everyone but Vyth and Deeps dropped their weapons and ran away at top-speed. While the others made a well-calculated escape, Vyth and Deeps bravely faced down Phaesus Dornius’ Ghost with mage armor (which didn’t help) and their touches of golden ice (which helped immensely). However, the ghost wised up and sent Vyth running after Deeps fell.

In the mean time, the other party members realized that their retreat was not as well calculated as it may have seemed at the time, and turned back to come help, and after narrowly avoiding death on several counts, they finally managed to retrieve their magical weapons and quite nearly slay the ghost – who ultimately retreated on his own.

Their epic combat at a close, they proceeded to search the rest of the complex, finding various coinage scattered throughout a couple of the rooms, looting a storage closet, and defeating a room full of traps to retrieve one arrow… oh, and 1,000 platinum that was hidden under the trapped floor.

With only five days left until her transformation, the question remains, will Ajelja’s first night as a were-wolf prove fatal to her party members? Will they be able to put Dornius’ spirit to rest when they visit the shrine he built to Moradin? Will they be able to recover the artifact which Phaesus stole from Moradin – and what will they do with it if they do? Find out next time, when the Elucidated Paragons brave the Maze of Moradin!

(… also, werewolf Ajleja).

phiên bảy

Setting out to find the final resting place of Phaesus Dornius’ fortune, the Elucidated Paragons travel the highway to Eastwatch, then south through the grasslands to the Moonlight Bog.

On the way to the bog they fall hapless victim to a pick-pocket, prudently avoid the risk of STD’s, ignore some Barghest tracks, and meet a wyrmling gold dragon. Also Deeps made a new friend!

Upon reaching the Moonlight Bog, they avoid some dangerous plant life, spend a while carefully managing their rations, and killed some halfling wererat merchants who they were pretty sure were murderers and thieves and were pretty sure had several hundred thousand gold worth of loot. They also defended themselves against a Will-O-Wisp, a small ghoul hunting party, and a crazed and deadly barbarian / ranger and his pet crocodile.

But at last, after 10 days of mucking through the swamp they finally found what the were looking for, a wooden hut that was secretly an adamantine hut that had 7 adamantine locks on it. After the lock traps turned one party member into a vegetable (figuratively speaking) they resorted to a rust-monster wand. The traps then obliterated the wand (and the mannequin holding it), so they resorted back to using a meat shield. Luckily the meat shield they chose was nimble enough to remember that standing on roofs often removes you from acidic fog spells.

Also those eligible graduated from Raptor and Elf schools. There were certificates.

Will Ajelja’s wisdom score be returned to normal before she undergoes her first lycanthropic transformation? Will Brutus get a new rust-monster wand? And What awaits the Elucidated Paragons in the depths of the Crypt of Phaesus Dornius!? Find out next time, when the search for The Hoard of Phaesus Dornius continues!

Session? Six! The,

As if deciding it was best they were all present for the thrilling conclusion of the Peldview Problems quest, all five members of Elucidated Paragons came together to question a religious pilgrim, witness the opening of a trans-dimensional portal, and converse briefly with an extra-planar elven werewolf.

In the process Ajelja contracted lycanthropy (willingly), some Mysterious Woman contracted lycanthropy (willingly), and the group finally found the source of the undead in the Peldview graveyard – a devilish contract carved in stone. They took the stone back to guild board memeber Grazia Trelo who broke the curse on it and, on the suggestion of the paragons, put it on a lazy-susan for acolytes to spin around in their spare time.

Our heroes also learned that their next task will be to search out the final resting place of the Hoard of Phaesius Dornius then promptly decided to delay the quest in favor of shopping.

Sitzung vier
The Elves are Coming...

The Elucidated Paragons, investigating the Peldview Problems, found themselves joined once again by the energetic Vyth!

The team investigated the watch tower and stumbled upon a spooky secret sanctum full of sneaky snares. Then they got the town priest and undead-hunting ranger arrested and told the peasants to go fight the undead in their place. While the town was gearing-up for a carefully strategized, and strategically bank-rolled, fight for their lives, the Paragons caught a short rest, then ventured out to the edge of town and assaulted some passers-by on suspicion of being connected to undead and lycanthropes – at least one of whom earned the privilege of living.

Nilrem, however, spent the whole day reading when she remembered just how interesting her margin annotations in her spell books were.

Will the heroes be able to fend off whoever – or whatever – is coming when the mysterious under-ground door opens? Were the towns people be able to fend off the undead without their level 5 ranger? Will the party have to divide its xp 5 ways for once? Find out next time, when the investigation of the Peldview Problems continues!

Session Three
Fighting at Night

When the noble Elucidated Paragons set off to collect the Guild’s portion of the Luca Frots estate, little did they know that they would find their party drastically altered.

After finding three of the four members of Uhh… Whatever among a statuary collection – and subsequently curing them of their statuary affliction – Brutus joined their ranks, while Huey stepped out and Vyth left for an indefinite period of time to meet with his mentor, an awakened silver-back gorilla druid. Furthermore, a bloodthirsty woman with a wicked whip named Ajelja joined their ranks on the promise that there would be things to kill if she spent time around them.

Before returning to fire hold they slew a slavering and crazed Homunculus, discovered the final fate of Luca Frots, convinced Velti the half-horse half-dragon to accompany them back to Fire Hold, and fended off a mid-night ambush by Strike Team Epsilon, a group from the murderous X-Treme Mercenary Guild.

Upon returning to Fire Hold they turned in their quest, received their reward, rested for about two days, then set off on their new adventure to investigate the Peldview Problems.

So far in Peldview they have been through one night in town and have fought off a mob of zombies and skeletons three dozen in number! According to reports the dead have been rising at almost exponentially increasing rates.

Will our heroes be able to get to the bottom of this before the town is overrun, or will they have to face the entire ancestry of this village in the form of the walking dead!? Find out in the next installment of Peldview Problems!

Session, Le Deuxième
"Uhh.. Whatever"

Setting off on their first – and last – intrepid adventure, the… daring heroes of “Uhh Whatever” set forth to delve into the dangerous dungeon of the Red Claw Depths.

On their way they encountered a beset elven maid and promptly rescued her wagon wheels from a ghastly goblin and his wretched wolf-drawn chariot.

Upon recovering their psychic meat-shield from the brink of death, they set out to the infamous Red Claw Depths.

After arriving they defended against a semi-successful broad-daylight goblin ambush, fought bravely against a swarm of common house vermin, did battle with an Ethereal Marauder over a deadly pit trap, sprang a bugbear-in-a-box, took advantage of the puzzle-solving capacities of previous dungeon-delvers, and were turned to stone by a Dastardly Drow Dispenser of Dark Arts.

What lies in the future for “Uhh Whatever”!? Probably not much.

Session the First

Banding together under the sub-optimal (according to the party) bureaucracy of The Good Guys, LLC. the intrepid heroes Vyth, Huey Theurge, Nilrem Hummer Stone, and Calchernyel “Cal” Zhaohrek ventured forth and rescued a lost cat!

They subsequently were paid an exorbitant amount of money for their ‘troubles’, got drunk, and decided to name their party “Elucidated Paragons” on a suggestion from the inebriated Nilrem.

Forthwith the Elucidated Paragons struck out on their next mission, to venture into a dangerous mountain pass infested with goblin tribes to seek out the hidden estate of a now deceased eccentric transmuter!

So far on this journey they have tried to bribe some orphans, killed some under-powered goblins, and engaged in an epic battle with an octet of angry rocks.

What new and exciting perils await them within the home of the late Luca Frots!? Tune in next time to see the thrilling conclusion of the adventure The Estate of Luca Frots!


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