Julisa Erolis

A noble and a Judge


A member of the former adventuring group “Saints and Sorcerers”, the honorable Julisa Erolis is currently the eldest member of the noble Erolis family, giving her exceptional standing before the Council of Five in Fire Hold City, and furthermore she is, as her honorific indicates, a judge – specifically of the First Criminal Court – the court which tries the most heinous of crimes such as serial murder, and treason.

Lady Erolis is also a member of the Order of the Even-Handed, a group of paladins in service of St. Cuthbert whose oaths bind them to the upholding of the laws of due process for every criminal and evil-doer regardless of circumstance. She is presently the most senior member of the order and is referred to by the title “Knight” by her fellows in that organization.

Lady Erolis also provided political backing, legal advice, and some financial support for Baetos Flintwagon in his efforts to found The Good Guys, LLC and sits on the board of directors for the guild.

Julisa Erolis

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