The Good Guys, LLC

Sitzung vier

The Elves are Coming...

The Elucidated Paragons, investigating the Peldview Problems, found themselves joined once again by the energetic Vyth!

The team investigated the watch tower and stumbled upon a spooky secret sanctum full of sneaky snares. Then they got the town priest and undead-hunting ranger arrested and told the peasants to go fight the undead in their place. While the town was gearing-up for a carefully strategized, and strategically bank-rolled, fight for their lives, the Paragons caught a short rest, then ventured out to the edge of town and assaulted some passers-by on suspicion of being connected to undead and lycanthropes – at least one of whom earned the privilege of living.

Nilrem, however, spent the whole day reading when she remembered just how interesting her margin annotations in her spell books were.

Will the heroes be able to fend off whoever – or whatever – is coming when the mysterious under-ground door opens? Were the towns people be able to fend off the undead without their level 5 ranger? Will the party have to divide its xp 5 ways for once? Find out next time, when the investigation of the Peldview Problems continues!



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