The Good Guys, LLC

Session Three

Fighting at Night

When the noble Elucidated Paragons set off to collect the Guild’s portion of the Luca Frots estate, little did they know that they would find their party drastically altered.

After finding three of the four members of Uhh… Whatever among a statuary collection – and subsequently curing them of their statuary affliction – Brutus joined their ranks, while Huey stepped out and Vyth left for an indefinite period of time to meet with his mentor, an awakened silver-back gorilla druid. Furthermore, a bloodthirsty woman with a wicked whip named Ajelja joined their ranks on the promise that there would be things to kill if she spent time around them.

Before returning to fire hold they slew a slavering and crazed Homunculus, discovered the final fate of Luca Frots, convinced Velti the half-horse half-dragon to accompany them back to Fire Hold, and fended off a mid-night ambush by Strike Team Epsilon, a group from the murderous X-Treme Mercenary Guild.

Upon returning to Fire Hold they turned in their quest, received their reward, rested for about two days, then set off on their new adventure to investigate the Peldview Problems.

So far in Peldview they have been through one night in town and have fought off a mob of zombies and skeletons three dozen in number! According to reports the dead have been rising at almost exponentially increasing rates.

Will our heroes be able to get to the bottom of this before the town is overrun, or will they have to face the entire ancestry of this village in the form of the walking dead!? Find out in the next installment of Peldview Problems!



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