The Good Guys, LLC

Session the First

Banding together under the sub-optimal (according to the party) bureaucracy of The Good Guys, LLC. the intrepid heroes Vyth, Huey Theurge, Nilrem Hummer Stone, and Calchernyel “Cal” Zhaohrek ventured forth and rescued a lost cat!

They subsequently were paid an exorbitant amount of money for their ‘troubles’, got drunk, and decided to name their party “Elucidated Paragons” on a suggestion from the inebriated Nilrem.

Forthwith the Elucidated Paragons struck out on their next mission, to venture into a dangerous mountain pass infested with goblin tribes to seek out the hidden estate of a now deceased eccentric transmuter!

So far on this journey they have tried to bribe some orphans, killed some under-powered goblins, and engaged in an epic battle with an octet of angry rocks.

What new and exciting perils await them within the home of the late Luca Frots!? Tune in next time to see the thrilling conclusion of the adventure The Estate of Luca Frots!


“Adventurer’s Log #1:
First, journal, I want to make it clear that I despise you and everything you stand for. I am writing this for my benefit, not yours. If you think for a second that I care about you, I will burn you where you sit. Now that we’ve established who’s in charge here, this is how my last few days have been.
After realizing that fate, not to mention my player, has finally caught up with me, I sought out Good Guys, LLC, the guild of a thousand contract amendments. Of course my contact had to be a gnome, too. Because of course he is.
The party I have been forced to deal with include a conjurer (whose laziness is astounding. I think that, if she could, she would summon air elementals to do her breathing for her.); an obvious mystic theurge in training whose naivety seems to indicate that he is 2 years old; a horse; and a psychotic monkey. I shudder to think of what kind of social circle my player is a part of, but considering his level of breathtaking stupidity in some aspects of my creation and suggested tactics, I think it suits him well.
So far we have rescued a cat, killed a (frankly useless) squad of goblins, and fought a few rocks. Truly the stuff of legends. Not that it matters. I know that soon we’ll be embroiled in some ridiculous nonsense about saving the world no matter what I do.

Fuck you,

Session the First

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